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Interphone Service Sp. z o. o. -  Testy AXI

In order to provide the highest possible quality of production, rigorous quality control processes have been implemented throughout our production plant. The right testing process provides cost and time savings, it is also a guarantee of the highest quality. Our company has numerous testing and inspection devices for automatic and semi-automatic tests of assembled SMD elements.

Following machines are at our disposal: Visual inspection system is also implemented at every stage of the production.

We can also offer a possibility of R/F (HSPA+ and LTE) devices testing. A dedicated highly specialized Anritsu testing line can be used for a wide variety of testing processes. We also conduct final tests and inter-operational In-circuit tests (ICT), performed according to our clients' requirements, utilizing external testing devices as well.

Interphone Service Sp. z o. o. -   AXI Test Interphone Service Sp. z o. o. -   AXI Test