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About us
InterPhone Service Sp. z o. o.

History and future

InterPhone Service LLC has been established on the 30th of April 2009. The company’s headquarters is situated in Mielec at Inestorów 8, within the Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK MIELEC. The company is operating on the basis of permit no 191/ARP/2010 from the 7th of September 2010.
Main scope of activity is the production of innovative telecommunication equipment and consumer electronic appliances.
In the past we completed large batches of HSPA + / LTE user equipment devices as well as an entire range of auxiliary devices, including satellite television receivers and numerous components. We also provide a range of EMS services for different clients in Poland and abroad.

The company intends to maintain the character of the production for its current customers, also to implement and introduce new products of advanced generation user equipment based on LTE technology. In addition, having state of the art production equipment at our disposal as well as vast experience in production and services, we intend to expand our EMS offer further.

Mission and vision


Our mission is to remain a trustworthy, innovative and profitable company, which within the scope of our activities will keep being focused on our customers’ needs. We aim at building and maintaining long lasting partner relationships with them by fulfilling their expectations and needs and providing them with services of the highest quality.


Our long term goal is to create a facility which has the capacity of producing LTE-A technology telecommunication devices, as well as providing our customers with ever expanding EMS services capabilities.


Our company offers:
  • Fast, complex and accurate response to production queries
  • Quick implementation of production orders
  • Highest quality of make for each order
  • Complex realization of each order
  • What is important to us

    1. Our client
  • Efficient, fast and complex services
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • Clients’ satisfaction
  • 2. Our products
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Esthetics
  • 3. Our employees
  • Respect
  • Partnership
  • Loyality
  • 4. Our organization
  • Compliance with norms and regulations
  • Highest technological and personal culture
  • Care about the natural and work environment

  • THE CODE OF CONDUCT OF Interphone Service Sp. z o.o.

      THE CODE OF CONDUCT OF Interphone Service Sp. z o.o.